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Balconies covered in tropical plants and contoured surfaces based on rock formations surround this Singapore hotel by WOHA

Weird question i have to ask several times.
Did my art improve just a teeny little bit

Clowns. Pfft.

Is anyone still up can we skype or something

I never did progress doodles so uh heres a ghb progress doodle since it’s 420 this week. And a kurgrub on a pie tin. Speaking of which im leaving for the stupid field trip in an hour bye everyone


Takesho Hosaka - Love house, Yokohama 2005. Photos (C) Masao Nishikaw, Toshihiro Sobajima.

Its 3:15

I want to sleep but i cant sleep

Theres this boy in my class that is really shy but is a piano genius and i want to be friends with him but he never talks to anyone and the furthest ive got to was during PE class i was talking about joe hisaishi with him (cuz its his favorite composer) ughhhh

Got all my shit in the bag. Fuck you field trip.

Otp shit.


Gago House

Architect: Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Location: San Pedro de La Paz, Biobío Region, Chile

via archdaily

(出典: ombuarchitecture)

(元記事: tabi-saki (homelimagから))